About us

Our Vision

It is our belief that too many applications we rely on aren’t really built to help us get more done! Applications that we depend on daily, are sucking the productivity out of us leaving us stressed and worn out. Emails coming in at all hours of the day, missed project deadlines, and unproductive meetings…

Our vision is to build software: to make the world a little less busy! The team at Hello Focus is building a suite of tools that are built to help you do more with less. Simple human functionality like “Do Not Disturb” during non-working hours is built-in all of our applications. That way you can enjoy your kid’s soccer game instead of constantly being disturbed by more non-urgent notifications.

Internally, we operate like a science lab. After talking to customers, our team designs experiments based on their feedback, quickly release experiments into the wild, and analyze if the experiment made our members more productive and less stressed. Once enough data is collected the experiment is pushed to 100% of our users.

This is how we are constantly making our products better, making you more productive and less stressed out!

Letter from our Founder

A lot of people ask me why I started Hello Focus.

It’s a great question. There are plenty of options for other project management software…

But, I’ve tried the majority of them and I’d always end up finding flaws, getting frustrated and moving onto another piece of software.

They say as an entrepreneur the best thing you can do is “scratch your own itch”. So I started wire-framing what I thought the perfect project management software would look like and started customer interviews for feedback.

The feedback around the wireframes was positive because:

  • It had a simple easy to use interface, with a complex backend that helps automate prioritization, schedules and much more.
  • You literally could have hundreds of projects, teams or companies under interface.
  • You can easily work with and communicate with others outside of your organization.
  • The focus view helps you stay focused on one-task at time, preventing you from multi-tasking and stressing you out.
  • Managers had the ability to set up processes and schedule them out in the application.

But, I noticed another trend during the interviews. People are exhausted with all of the notifications and expectations to work after hours. It’s decreasing employee happiness and retention.

That’s when I vowed that not only are we going to create amazing software, but we’re going to create software that is people friendly. The vision was born: to make the world a little less busy!

If you like our vision and you’re ready to move on from your existing tools to become more productive with less stress, I hope you’ll give Hello Focus a try. I’m confident that you’ll love it.

Give it a shot, and email me at [email protected] to let me know what you think.

Patrick Hankinson

Our Team

Our team is passionate about building software to make the world a little more human again. Our vision is to build software: to make the world a little less busy!

Project management is our first target. The team behind Hello Focus has built other startups from the ground-up, worked in large technology companies and knows the pains of project management all too well.