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Alternative to Aha! Find out why Hello Focus is the leading alternative to Aha. We'll give you a hint: simplicity!

A Product Manager’s Environment With a Project Manager’s Focus

Developing web app products for clients is your bread and butter. But developing your own products is your team’s dream.

Just ask Jason Fried of Basecamp: the “lean startup” decided that organizing disorganized web design projects was the key to getting projects done faster and getting more clients in and out the door.

They were making money but losing their sanity. Their solution was to develop an in-house app to help them organize.

On the side. They didn’t take their foot off the gas pedal of client projects. And they began an ambitious side hustle.

But ask any product owner and product manager: finding the mental space to build an in-house app is the greatest of challenges. The additional workload tends to overtake your team’s resources, time and attention.

Developing in-house products needs a flexible platform built specifically for the “side hustle” – with smart road-mapping techniques and allocation visualizations built right in.

Hello Focus, the alternative to Aha!, will help you “handle” your daily tasks so you can “focus” on the big picture.

Fundamentally Designed For You, the Product Manager

Here’s a trick question. Which is better? Two half-brains or one full brain? When it comes to app development on the side, devoting one full brain is nearly impossible to do and, often, two half-brains are what you get.

Frayed and distracted focus. Neither client work nor your own product gets the attention it needs to get built. Sound familiar?

Give your product the attention it deserves by using Hello Focus’s flexible features and interface to divide and conquer:

  • Do more than just “roadmap”: whereas Aha! is built only for the development functions of building a product, Hello Focus scales according to your needs. It can manage interpersonal appointments, task lists and deliverables, while you create an environment to capture features, user stories and map out schedules and timelines for planned releases of your product.
  • Keep your team focused on only their roles and their tasks so they’re not liable to crash and burn or “cross the streams”.
  • The Hello Focus app manages the nitty-gritty of your task list and then automates your schedule on a “need-to-know” basis.
  • As a proven alternative to Aha!, Hello Focus helps you collaborate with team members on client projects as well as app development by dividing projects and setting role-based user access and granular permissions like “View” and “Edit”.
  • Each project maintains its own Gantt Chart visualizations, roadmaps, activity logs, resources and projections.

When you’re wearing two hats – Project Manager by day and Product Manager by night – you need an app that’s going to tell each brain what to do and guide each role to actually getting it done, without too much interference or thought on your part.

You don’t want to spend too much time figuring out what do to next. But you want whatever’s next on the list to be meaningful so you can move from the development stage to the shipping your work seamlessly and on schedule.

Blend Your Day Gig and Your Side Hustle With Zero Overwhelm

Hello Focus’s unique roadmap and Gantt Chart visualizations have helped countless product and app development teams run through the successful launch of their own projects:

  • Develop a workflow, broken down into tasks, for capturing and processing new ideas from your team members.
    List out new potential features and have team members collaborate and debate its merits, eventually rejecting or accepting and incorporating into actual features for planned future releases – all without clogging up your email (or sending a single one).
  • Organize aggregate features into scheduled releases and let the app deliver to you tasks based on when you want things to go live.
  • Zoom out to the roadmap and Gantt Chart structure to re-allocate deadlines based on which features and releases are of strategic importance.
  • Tabulate team feedback into “scores” for a proposed feature and assign scores based on collected user feedback; giving negative scores based on complexity, for example, means you can later sort features based on score and set strategic delivery dates based on which feature makes the most sense to develop.
  • Hello Focus allows Product Managers to move easily into the role of Project Manager, organizing the tasks of team members based on what features must be delivered.

Don’t Just Manage Products, Empower People.

Your app, like your team, is not simply there to push paper. You want your product to empower people and help them automate something in their day to day lives or do something in a better way.

In short, you’re here to make a difference. So choose a platform that’s different. We’re powered by the basic truths of human behaviour:

  • multi-tasking makes us less effective,
  • and focus is a powerful tool, especially when you have an app that blocks everything out except for what’s most relevant.

Ready to see how a flexible platform powered by the tenets of focus helps empower your team and ship your side project into a viable product? Give Hello Focus a test drive today, risk-free!

Ready to become agile through a test of Hello Focus yourself? Run a sprint, test the design process, respond to issues and track resources for free today!

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Join thousands of people and companies who trust Hello Focus to accomplish more every day! Built from the ground up based on leading research around productivity. It’s literally designed to help you stay productive!
Focus View

Stay Focused

Evidence shows that multi-tasking makes us less productive. That's why our "Focus" view only ever shows you one task at a time. From this view you can complete the task, delegate it and break it down if it's too daunting.

Stay Organized

Not only can multi-tasking make you less productive, not planning your day can equally have damaging effects on your productivity. That's why Hello Focus asks you to plan and organize your day, every morning.

Get more done.

Get More Done

The principles we follow are scientifically proven to help you get more done. Hello Focus puts the emphasis on completing one task at a time so you avoid multi-tasking. This means you avoid the Zeigarnik Effect!

Beautiful Roadmaps

As you start to invite people to your tasks and projects, you'll start to see how our simple to-do app turns into a sophisticated project management app. Based on resources, people and time we start to build beautiful roadmaps.

Gantt Chart Software
Daily Team Activities

Stay "in-the-know"

Skip the daily stand-ups or the check-ins because with Hello Focus you can see what everyone is working on and what they accomplished yesterday in one quick glance. Just another way we simplify your workflow.

Fewer Emails

Imagine a utopia where you receive fewer emails and you stop using your email as a to-do list. Beautiful isn't it? This is where Hello Focus shines. We make it easy to communicate on our platform, no switching between your tasks and email.

Team work
Resource Management


Traditional to-do lists tell you what you have to accomplish today. But if you're at work, can you really mow your lawn? No! That's why we enable you to schedule your projects at certain times. Schedule work tasks 9-5 on week days and personal tasks on evenings.

Backed by Science

Our team is obsessed with productivity. It might actually be a problem! We're constantly consuming academic papers on productivity trying to understand how we can apply it to improving our product for you.

Backed by science
Human Touch

A Human Touch

When you really want to focus on your work, use 'Do Not Disturb' mode. It keeps you in the zone and turns off all notifications. The feature can be extended to after hours, so you can enjoy quality family time.

Saved us a bunch of time! Hello Focus is making our team more productive & engaged. David Keefe, Founder of Up My Game
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