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Alternative to Asana! Hello Focus is the alternative to Asana that helps you put the "pro" back in "productivity"

Only What You Need, In One App!

When feature-rich becomes focus-poor, you need a tool that reconnects you to only what matters.

Workspaces, projects, lists, tasks, calendars. They sound great in theory, but how do they connect together for a seamless workflow? When it comes to project management in Asana, features matter just as much as your experience hooking all the important pieces together.

Hello Focus is the next-gen app that was built specifically to close off the gaps in human productivity, making teams stronger and projects progress to the finish line without everything feeling like you’re pulling teeth.

With its powerful project visualizations, focused task management, granular team viewing controls and a clear thread of connection running between features, here’s why our users say they prefer Hello Focus as an alternative to Asana.

A Workspace that Works For Your Whole Team

Different team members, different tasks, one project (or three): Hello Focus pulls them all together using a “less is more” approach.

How do you ensure that only the right team members view the right project, tasks and information? In Asana, projects are displayed altogether and tasks are listed as part of each project, viewable to all.

In Hello Focus, we eliminate any chance of overwhelm, keeping your workspace within the platform clear and free – except for the tasks that are relevant. As admin, you can set controls on who is allocated to which project. Role-based access gives you the power to allow certain teammates to view, while others can comment and management can edit.

This means that you can keep your core team updated, assign and delegate tasks based on strengths and expertise, and invite subcontractors to support your team only in what’s relevant to them.

We don’t believe in hierarchies but we do believe in the power of focus.

That’s why we’ve implemented our powerful “Do Not Disturb” feature that allows you to maintain focus while you’re blasting through your work like the Energizer bunny! Zone out what’s irrelevant, cut out the excess noise and put your attention on what matters in a foolproof way.

Being productive means actually working to get things done. When you leave Asana to resume your tasks, you risk falling down link holes, reddit threads and “busywork” (hey, we’ve all been there).

But no more! To make meaningful progress on your tasks, you need a tool that’s going to support you. No, Hello Focus is not about handholding – it’s about putting the responsibility and awareness firmly back in your hands.

We just help you make the choice to be productive that much easier.

Clear Up Email Clog Without Losing A Thread

Should you head to your inbox first or your dashboard?

Any worthy alternative to Asana is not just going to answer this question, it’s going to eliminate the need for it altogether. The number one killer of productivity in teams – both big and small – is time wasted finding and following up with email.

Think “Inbox Zero” is a pipe-dream? We help you make it a standard, not a luxury. And the only place you have to log in is Hello Focus.

Communications about projects and tasks, as well as informal and general conversations between team members, all live in the app. Rather than give you an “inbox”, as Asana does, Hello Focus displays notes, updates and communications as part of the task, and relevant to you only if you’ve been tagged or have the right permissions.

In other words, if you don’t have to worry about it, you don’t have to worry about it.

How You View What Matters…Matters!

It’s harder to gain a sense of where you’re going if you don’t know where you are. It gets even trickier when you’re working in a team and there are several moving parts…with several moving people!

Simple task management and project views are standard features of both Asana and Hello Focus. But its how we take these tasks to the next level – how the app allows you to hook tasks, resources, team members and deadlines into one easy and viewable flow – that makes all the difference.

Scroll through the menu to view teams, projects and tasks. Then, bring it all together in a powerful Gantt chart visualization. It’s like a dependency-based roadmap for your projects and colleagues. View what you need to get done as a list, see a visual timeline log of changes as well as who made them for a particular project. If you change permissions and resources in one view, it’s reflected automatically as part of the project and mapped to the Gantt Chart.

Goodbye Discipline, Hello Focus

Hello Focus helps you to work smarter, not harder. The app helps you develop discipline…by taking discipline out of the equation. We’ve created features based only on what our users have problems with. And a main one is information overload.

How do you cultivate discipline in a world where several conflicting things are vying for your attention?

  • Shut everything off.
  • Decide on what matters most.
  • Focus on Just One Thing.

And free yourself from decision-fatigue by allowing the app to do these for you.

When you focus for long enough, on a regular basis, it becomes a habit. Your ability to get things done, then, is really just a matter of how long you spend focusing on what matters in the app.

Ready to make focus a standard part of how you work? Test our focused ability to help you focus, risk-free, today.

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Join thousands of people and companies who trust Hello Focus to accomplish more every day! Built from the ground up based on leading research around productivity. It’s literally designed to help you stay productive!
Focus View

Stay Focused

Evidence shows that multi-tasking makes us less productive. That's why our "Focus" view only ever shows you one task at a time. From this view you can complete the task, delegate it and break it down if it's too daunting.

Stay Organized

Not only can multi-tasking make you less productive, not planning your day can equally have damaging effects on your productivity. That's why Hello Focus asks you to plan and organize your day, every morning.

Get more done.

Get More Done

The principles we follow are scientifically proven to help you get more done. Hello Focus puts the emphasis on completing one task at a time so you avoid multi-tasking. This means you avoid the Zeigarnik Effect!

Beautiful Roadmaps

As you start to invite people to your tasks and projects, you'll start to see how our simple to-do app turns into a sophisticated project management app. Based on resources, people and time we start to build beautiful roadmaps.

Gantt Chart Software
Daily Team Activities

Stay "in-the-know"

Skip the daily stand-ups or the check-ins because with Hello Focus you can see what everyone is working on and what they accomplished yesterday in one quick glance. Just another way we simplify your workflow.

Fewer Emails

Imagine a utopia where you receive fewer emails and you stop using your email as a to-do list. Beautiful isn't it? This is where Hello Focus shines. We make it easy to communicate on our platform, no switching between your tasks and email.

Team work
Resource Management


Traditional to-do lists tell you what you have to accomplish today. But if you're at work, can you really mow your lawn? No! That's why we enable you to schedule your projects at certain times. Schedule work tasks 9-5 on week days and personal tasks on evenings.

Backed by Science

Our team is obsessed with productivity. It might actually be a problem! We're constantly consuming academic papers on productivity trying to understand how we can apply it to improving our product for you.

Backed by science
Human Touch

A Human Touch

When you really want to focus on your work, use 'Do Not Disturb' mode. It keeps you in the zone and turns off all notifications. The feature can be extended to after hours, so you can enjoy quality family time.

Saved us a bunch of time! Hello Focus is making our team more productive & engaged. David Keefe, Founder of Up My Game
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