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Alternative to Jira! Find out why Hello Focus is the leading alternative to Atlassian's Jira product. We'll give you a hint: simplicity!

To Truly Succeed…Be a Generalist like Elon Musk

With Hello Focus, you can focus on one thing at a time…without falling into the trap of specialization

Wait, what? Hello Focus helps you do One Thing at a time, right?

Absolutely. And we help you work on it until it’s done. But that doesn’t mean we think you should limit yourself.

Multitasking: bad. But using software that’s only good for one thing: inefficient.

And, in a contest, inefficient is always worse.

You’re here because you’ve done your homework: you know there are apps like Jira out there built specifically for who want to ship projects and teams who want to respond to user feedback – fast.

But “agile” is only effective if your software is flexible enough to accommodate all learning and communication styles.

Hello Focus is the alternative to Jira that narrows your focus on what matters in the moment, while still being flexible enough to incorporate many different methods of executions, types of teams and visualizations.

Take a look for yourself…

Your Mileage May Vary

“If you only need basic issue tracking for almost no cost…a simple ticketing system or a one-at-a-time task assigning/tracking system, then JIRA is your method.”
— Customer Review

Jira is built with one function in mind: to allow users to make, report on and track issues with a range of options for visualizing workflows so that teams can respond to issues as they arise. And the app does it well.

Hello Focus, on the other hand, combines the essentials of task logging, team communications, project management, task management, resource allocation, project progress visualization and roadmapping in one seamless experience.

Our users don’t “track issues” because they’re communicating with each other and tracking task progress. This is how all team members stay in the know and respond to issues before they even arise.

When you work with an app like Jira, you’re bound by the app’s main function and goal. How much mileage your team gets out of it depends on how much your goal aligns with the app’s functionality.

When you work with an alternative to Jira like Hello Focus, the app’s focus is on you, its functionality is flexible and evolves over time, as your team grows and projects grow in complexity.

Harness the Power of Agile Supercharged By Focus

This is what the Gantt Chart visualization method is all about: it truly is a confluence of “agile” response and development that is supported by focus.

The Gantt Chart method is a way to view task progress, get data on where resources are being used and by whom, to what end, as well as what’s still left to be done. This means that you can always review your project’s status as well as who’s working on what.

One of your team members taking a little longer with than someone else on the team who’s strength it is? Great! The Gantt Chart lets you zoom into these details, then zoom out again. Switch tasks and re-assign your team members based on strengths, experience, time they currently have, or tasks currently on their plate.

Skip the confusing workflows, ready-made templates that take ages to learn how to customize and frustrating schematics that simply don’t match what you need. If you don’t know what to focus on, it’s all a moot point anyway.

Here’s to Agile Development without relevant – not narrowed! – focus.

Project Management and Capacity Planning Without A Learning Curve

Look, at the end of the day, you’re not just managing “tasks” — what you’re really doing is building relationships with people.

The work people do is not separate from who they are, how they learn and how they get it done. So you need a project management tool that responds to their needs, rather than having team members scratching their heads about how to really use a new tool.

Efficiency is not only about what a system can do once it’s been mastered — great design has humans at its center and the same goes for app design. This means that efficient function and user-friendly are two side of the same coin.

And that’s really where Hello Focus shines. We bring scientifically-backed principles about the nature of work, people productivity and human behaviour and put it at the center of our cloud-based app.

This means zero on-boarding time, a non-existent learning curve and a project management tool that is flexible enough to respond to a web development/software cycle as well as and iterative design process

Come Together, Right Now, With Hello Focus

Doing “One Thing” shouldn’t mean the “Only Thing We’re Doing”. Teams are diverse and multi-functional and Hello Focus is built to help teams like yours succeed in project communication and collaboration.

Ready to become agile through a test of Hello Focus yourself? Run a sprint, test the design process, respond to issues and track resources for free today!

Get started with Hello Focus!
Join thousands of people and companies who trust Hello Focus to accomplish more every day! Built from the ground up based on leading research around productivity. It’s literally designed to help you stay productive!
Focus View

Stay Focused

Evidence shows that multi-tasking makes us less productive. That's why our "Focus" view only ever shows you one task at a time. From this view you can complete the task, delegate it and break it down if it's too daunting.

Stay Organized

Not only can multi-tasking make you less productive, not planning your day can equally have damaging effects on your productivity. That's why Hello Focus asks you to plan and organize your day, every morning.

Get more done.

Get More Done

The principles we follow are scientifically proven to help you get more done. Hello Focus puts the emphasis on completing one task at a time so you avoid multi-tasking. This means you avoid the Zeigarnik Effect!

Beautiful Roadmaps

As you start to invite people to your tasks and projects, you'll start to see how our simple to-do app turns into a sophisticated project management app. Based on resources, people and time we start to build beautiful roadmaps.

Gantt Chart Software
Daily Team Activities

Stay "in-the-know"

Skip the daily stand-ups or the check-ins because with Hello Focus you can see what everyone is working on and what they accomplished yesterday in one quick glance. Just another way we simplify your workflow.

Fewer Emails

Imagine a utopia where you receive fewer emails and you stop using your email as a to-do list. Beautiful isn't it? This is where Hello Focus shines. We make it easy to communicate on our platform, no switching between your tasks and email.

Team work
Resource Management


Traditional to-do lists tell you what you have to accomplish today. But if you're at work, can you really mow your lawn? No! That's why we enable you to schedule your projects at certain times. Schedule work tasks 9-5 on week days and personal tasks on evenings.

Backed by Science

Our team is obsessed with productivity. It might actually be a problem! We're constantly consuming academic papers on productivity trying to understand how we can apply it to improving our product for you.

Backed by science
Human Touch

A Human Touch

When you really want to focus on your work, use 'Do Not Disturb' mode. It keeps you in the zone and turns off all notifications. The feature can be extended to after hours, so you can enjoy quality family time.

Saved us a bunch of time! Hello Focus is making our team more productive & engaged. David Keefe, Founder of Up My Game
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