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Get More Done!
Alternative to Microsoft Project! Go From “Old School & Outdated” to “Highly Detailed & Extremely Simple”.

How about a real alternative to Microsoft Project?

If your life and business suffers from A.D.D…read on.

What if you could slow down to speed up… without feeling guilty or overwhelmed?

Hello Focus takes the process of project management from a traditional tool like Microsoft Project, together with scientific principles of productivity to create a tool that helps you intensify focus and achieve extraordinary results in your business.

At the end of the day, project management is not really about “managing projects” — it’s about interacting with people.

The real humans on your team.

So shouldn’t your management tools feel more flexible and evolve in complexity as you grow?

Here’s how Hello Focus features measure up to Microsoft Project.

“A project is about more than “To-Do” lists — it’s about creating a success list.”

Microsoft Project is a smart scheduling tool and a great task management tool.

But projects have evolved: there are multiple moving parts that need attention, various client check-ins and deadlines, and it all happens over a period of time.

Teams have changed: some members are agency-side, some are remote and some are in-house.

And, because of this changing nature of the workplace, granular project dependencies have changed.

So you need an alternative to Microsoft Project and Hello Focus is that perfect blend of affordable, collaborative and user-friendly that makes us the leader in smart project management.

Hello Focus allows you manage teams across the board, regardless of location. When assigning tasks to team members, you can get as granular as you want. But you’re able to also zoom out and view the “big picture” so you can get an overview of a project’s progress without being distracted by irrelevant details.

We go beyond the Gantt Chart. How? By simplifying it. Our Gantt Chart visualization helps give details in a list format, which appeals to our users who like to see things “spelled out”.

Hello Focus allows you to view only what matters and see what everyone’s working on in a single glance.

What does this mean for your project? You can craft more than just “to-do” and “task” lists: you can identify the series of steps and tasks that will help you create movement towards success.

Keep Your Finger On The Pulse Of Your Projects

With Microsoft Project, the devil truly is in the details. You would think that having more information makes for smarter review and decision making, resource allocation and dependency tracking. Right?

Well…there’s a caveat.

We’re not machines. Multi-tasking makes us less productive not more. Hello Focus users’ experience the most extraordinary results because they keep their focus narrow.

View information and progress based on how many tasks are completed, live team tracking that allows you to see what everyone is currently working on and build greater transparency in your teams.

Whereas Microsoft Project can feel cluttered, with so many details trying to be coordinated on one screen, Hello Focus’s interface is intuitive, clean and user-friendly. You decide what you view and what’s relevant. Switch between views quickly and determine the “one thing” that’s going to help you accomplish the majority of what you want from the minority of what you do.

So how do you keep your finger on the pulse of your projects? Narrow your focus.

The Power of Focus is The Power of One

A great alternative to Microsoft Project should make project planning easy and flexible.

Functionality and easy collaboration is the key to an effective and efficient project management tool. With Microsoft Project, collaboration and planning features are present… but they’re stuck in the past.

And, they’re all over the place, overwhelming you.

We put the control back in your hands by placing you and your team members — rather than the project — at the center of the whole process.

After all, it’s about empowering you to take charge of your time, rather than having the project take control of your actions.

Our one goal is to have you maintain focus on what matters. Take advantage of our “Do Not Disturb” function, which takes the power of “focus” and applies it to more than just team tasks. It helps you and your team members maintain focus while you’re actually in the process of working.

Not only do you get more done, more effectively, making you a master of your time, you get to

And this leads to smarter project proposals, identifying where the strengths of each team member are and lead to a better bottom line.

The truth is that your focus only has to be on one thing at a time — and that’s what we help you achieve. But our smart roadmap feature, coupled with our simplified and powerful Gantt chart visualization helps you make meaningful and relevant decisions about future projects as well as current projects.

Beat the Curve & Live in the Cloud

It’s not just the cost that may be keeping you from fully jumping aboard Microsoft Project.

And it’s not only the fact that it’s built for a specific size of business or enterprise.

But here’s what users had to say about what they’d like to see in project management tools.

“Before you get your employees set up on [a project management platform]…make sure you’re willing to take the time to train people to get the most out of the software”

“Solutions that are cloud based are constantly improving…which makes it hard to justify spending money on an installed solution with a hefty price tag”

“The tool is only as useful as the user knowledge of the tool. Set the expectations from the tool and provide appropriate training”

But…you’ve already got several projects in the pipeline. Do you really have time to on-board and train everyone on a solution that’s supposed to be cutting your workload, not adding to it?

So we’ve helped you beat the curve by eliminating the need for it at all. Hello Focus is so user-friendly, intuitive and easy to on-board that it’s just as effective for beginners as it is powerful for advanced users. In fact, we’ve eliminated the “beginner” and “advanced user” and we’ve put them in the same bucket: the Hello Focus user.

We’ve flattened that curve and made Hello Focus a tool that’s accessible by all — whether you’ve never collaborated on a project management platform before or you’ve got shiny object syndrome and have tried them all.

This is the one that sticks.

And the best part? Everything you do lives in the cloud.

We’ve built an environment, not just a tool. Hello Focus’s smart “Do Not Disturb” features, intra-platform communication, live team tracking, task management, and road mapping is geared to one thing:

  • That you’ll reap the benefits from working in the cloud, on one platform.
  • Keep your email clutter-and-noise free because you can communicate with team members while they’re logged in to Hello Focus.
  • Organize your professional life and work life under one roof with smart calendar organization
  • Less quirks, bugs and less downtime because updates are seamless — which means you can stop waiting around for your “IT expert” and just get to work

Where you start your journey…matters

Have you ever heard of the Domino Chain Reaction?

It’s exactly what it sounds like. A series of actions that are triggered by one small initial action. But once you kick that first piece into gear…everything tumbles down after it.

Everything depends on where and how you kick down that first piece.

Where you start your day and how you start your day matter more than where the project is and how the project looks. After all, you’re in the driver’s seat.

So go ahead: pick just One Thing that will eliminate all the other useless and overwhelming “things to do”, Focus on it, and create momentum in your projects.

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Join thousands of people and companies who trust Hello Focus to accomplish more every day! Built from the ground up based on leading research around productivity. It’s literally designed to help you stay productive!
Focus View

Stay Focused

Evidence shows that multi-tasking makes us less productive. That's why our "Focus" view only ever shows you one task at a time. From this view you can complete the task, delegate it and break it down if it's too daunting.

Stay Organized

Not only can multi-tasking make you less productive, not planning your day can equally have damaging effects on your productivity. That's why Hello Focus asks you to plan and organize your day, every morning.

Get more done.

Get More Done

The principles we follow are scientifically proven to help you get more done. Hello Focus puts the emphasis on completing one task at a time so you avoid multi-tasking. This means you avoid the Zeigarnik Effect!

Beautiful Roadmaps

As you start to invite people to your tasks and projects, you'll start to see how our simple to-do app turns into a sophisticated project management app. Based on resources, people and time we start to build beautiful roadmaps.

Gantt Chart Software
Daily Team Activities

Stay "in-the-know"

Skip the daily stand-ups or the check-ins because with Hello Focus you can see what everyone is working on and what they accomplished yesterday in one quick glance. Just another way we simplify your workflow.

Fewer Emails

Imagine a utopia where you receive fewer emails and you stop using your email as a to-do list. Beautiful isn't it? This is where Hello Focus shines. We make it easy to communicate on our platform, no switching between your tasks and email.

Team work
Resource Management


Traditional to-do lists tell you what you have to accomplish today. But if you're at work, can you really mow your lawn? No! That's why we enable you to schedule your projects at certain times. Schedule work tasks 9-5 on week days and personal tasks on evenings.

Backed by Science

Our team is obsessed with productivity. It might actually be a problem! We're constantly consuming academic papers on productivity trying to understand how we can apply it to improving our product for you.

Backed by science
Human Touch

A Human Touch

When you really want to focus on your work, use 'Do Not Disturb' mode. It keeps you in the zone and turns off all notifications. The feature can be extended to after hours, so you can enjoy quality family time.

Saved us a bunch of time! Hello Focus is making our team more productive & engaged. David Keefe, Founder of Up My Game
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