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Alternative to Roadmunk! Find out why Hello Focus is the leading alternative to Roadmunk. We'll give you a hint: simplicity!

Share Plans, Build Roadmaps…And Go Beyond

Do more than Visualize – Act: Hello Focus is the alternative to Roadmunk that actually allows you to execute on the strategy of your roadmap.

When you want to share roadmaps with team members, external stakeholders, organize internal conferences and simply gain feedback on a visual plan, choose Roadmunk.

If you want to actually execute on feedback, set priorities, focus on tasks related to product development and empower your team to 10x their productivity through focus, choose Hello Focus.

Hello Focus is so much more than just roadmaps: we’re sparked by an idea (Focus), not a singular function. We don’t limit your technique or your tasks – we simply help you maintain focus on what you’ve decided is important.

Whether that’s building roadmaps, assigning and scheduling tasks to developers for a feature release, or inputting user feedback on features, our next-gen app helps you to hook all the pieces (and people!) that come together when you’re in the intensive process of app building.

We’re interested in the “how” of how your engineers work. And we give you the flexible tools to do it without breaking focus – or a sweat!

Connecting Meaningful Data with Elegant Design

Roadmaps and visualizations like Gantt Charts (another Hello Focus feature that’s a user favorite!) help elevate product management into high-level objectives.

Unlike clunky predecessors, we’re not stuck in the past. Our roadmaps and Gantt Charts give you the ability to perform classic functions like check-ins, dependency reviews, and resource and task allocation – for both people and products – while our user interface is so simple, there’s practically no onboarding time.

Hello Focus roadmaps and simplified Gantt Charts help you to connect to the data that matters to you. So if user feedback and help desk tickets are your main assets, input them into the system and build a roadmap of deliverables and features for a product, based on this powerful raw data.

You’ll maintain the ability to share these plans across teams and gain important feedback, allow members to propose new features and accept or reject based on input – all while keeping communications firmly in the cloud (and outta your email!)

Hello Focus is the design-friendly and dependency-sensitive alternative to Roadmunk that’s helping product managers be effective project managers too.

Keeping Everyone On the Same Page

Building a product requires team members to remain in the loop. At the same time, you don’t want to overwhelm everyone. And you want each person to maintain focus only on what matters to them.

With Hello Focus, you decide who that is and what they need to do. We take care of the “how”. Team members and managers can enjoy role-based access and can focus only on relevant tasks that come up for that specific day.

Blend the personal with the professional: keep your calendar organized with product release dates and piano recital commitments and give each scheduled task the attention it deserves.

Be aware of upcoming task projects with roadmaps that connect with task lists and schedules of team members. And, ensure everyone remains on task, through working hours, with our hand “DO Not Disturb” function.

It’s just one more way we’re helping you maintain focus and get it all done.

Left Brain Functionality Meets Right Brain Creativity

Building an app – whether in-house or for clients – is a resource- and attention-demanding undertaking.

You need a tool that’s going to help you talk in terms of tasks, in order to maximize daily efficiency, while maintaining a larger vision. At any time, you can stop, take stock and assess where you are on your project roadmap, tightening resources and team members’ tasks so they better reflect the goals of the project.

Have a new creative direction for the project to go in? Simply update the Gantt Chart and the watch the dependencies adjust themselves.

Hello Focus pulls together simplified task management with for a solution that is truly adaptable. Roadmaps, logs and charts are shareable and viewable to team members while the ability to set viewing and editing access is role-based and flexible.

Laying out the high level objectives and deliverables through roadmaps and Gantt Charts, which are then broken down into small, manageable, bite-sized chunks or tasks is what the app does best.

Doing More…With Less

Hello Focus is so handy not because of a flush of features: rather, it’s how you work with the flexibility of these features.

It’s a robust app that delivers to you only what’s relevant and most important. When it comes to daily task deliverables, you get to set it and forget it. But when it’s time to run a client check-in, count on the shareable and beautifully-designed roadmaps to help you articulate a vision and direction.

Test Hello Focus’s flexibility for your product team today!

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Join thousands of people and companies who trust Hello Focus to accomplish more every day! Built from the ground up based on leading research around productivity. It’s literally designed to help you stay productive!
Focus View

Stay Focused

Evidence shows that multi-tasking makes us less productive. That's why our "Focus" view only ever shows you one task at a time. From this view you can complete the task, delegate it and break it down if it's too daunting.

Stay Organized

Not only can multi-tasking make you less productive, not planning your day can equally have damaging effects on your productivity. That's why Hello Focus asks you to plan and organize your day, every morning.

Get more done.

Get More Done

The principles we follow are scientifically proven to help you get more done. Hello Focus puts the emphasis on completing one task at a time so you avoid multi-tasking. This means you avoid the Zeigarnik Effect!

Beautiful Roadmaps

As you start to invite people to your tasks and projects, you'll start to see how our simple to-do app turns into a sophisticated project management app. Based on resources, people and time we start to build beautiful roadmaps.

Gantt Chart Software
Daily Team Activities

Stay "in-the-know"

Skip the daily stand-ups or the check-ins because with Hello Focus you can see what everyone is working on and what they accomplished yesterday in one quick glance. Just another way we simplify your workflow.

Fewer Emails

Imagine a utopia where you receive fewer emails and you stop using your email as a to-do list. Beautiful isn't it? This is where Hello Focus shines. We make it easy to communicate on our platform, no switching between your tasks and email.

Team work
Resource Management


Traditional to-do lists tell you what you have to accomplish today. But if you're at work, can you really mow your lawn? No! That's why we enable you to schedule your projects at certain times. Schedule work tasks 9-5 on week days and personal tasks on evenings.

Backed by Science

Our team is obsessed with productivity. It might actually be a problem! We're constantly consuming academic papers on productivity trying to understand how we can apply it to improving our product for you.

Backed by science
Human Touch

A Human Touch

When you really want to focus on your work, use 'Do Not Disturb' mode. It keeps you in the zone and turns off all notifications. The feature can be extended to after hours, so you can enjoy quality family time.

Saved us a bunch of time! Hello Focus is making our team more productive & engaged. David Keefe, Founder of Up My Game
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