“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” – Benjamin Franklin

Have you ever wondered how some people just seem to get so much done?

And others always seem to be going 100-miles an hour, but get nothing done.

We all have the same amount of time per day…

So how do some just squeeze so much out of each day?

Maximizing productivity is all about habits!

Stay Focused & Tackle the Big Task

Ever hear of Charles M. Schwab?

Under his leadership, in the early 1900s, Bethlehem Steel became the second largest steel maker in the United States, and one of the most important heavy manufacturers in the world.

It didn’t come easy…  In fact, for years he was frustrated with the lack of productivity within his organization.

It wasn’t until he met Ivy Lee, who gave him the most transformative advice that changed the course of his company.

The advice was simple…

Every Evening Before Finishing Work

  • Write down 3-5 things you man to get done next day.
  • Rank them from highest to lowest
  • In the morning, start working on the task of the highest priority
  • Only move on to the task #2 when you complete #1.
  • Repeat.

Ivy Lee stressed the importance of completing the task of priority and resisting the urge to go on to the next task before completing the previous one.  If you don’t complete all of the tasks, don’t sweat it.

The important thing is to focus on getting the highest priority task done.

Keep in mind that usually the most important task you should be working on is the most uncomfortable or most procrastinated upon.

Break down overwhelming tasks

As humans, we really suck at planning.

We will write insanely large tasks like finish powerpoint presentation, write book, or review document.

Then our brain will become overwhelmed with the task, that it wants us to default to browsing on Facebook or checking emails.

Those who maximize their productivity really put effort and deep thought around the task and if it’s too overwhelming they break it down into smaller more manageable tasks.

Want to lose weight?  Don’t just put it on your todo list.  Really think about how you’re going to achieve that goal.

Here’s how to break it down.

  • Join Weight Watchers or a gym.
  • Hire a personal trainer.
  • Go for a 20 minute jog every Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Prepare meals for the week every Sunday.
  • Record weight every Sunday.

Reduce the interruptions

Notifications, checking email, instant messaging are all things that literally suck your attention away.

Honestly, take a look at your phone.  How many notifications did you receive since you started this blog post?  Probably too many!

Facebook, Google, and so many more are fighting for your attention so they can generate more advertising revenue!

Do yourself a favour and go through your phone/computer and turn off all notifications!  Even better if you put your phone in Airplane mode while you’re working.

Also commit to checking your email once or twice per day.  I’d challenge you to look through your “Sent Mail” and find one of your responses that was truly urgent.  I bet it is extremely hard to find!

If you really want to protect your time, I’d suggest using Freedom to block certain websites (eg. Facebook, Twitter, Email) during certain hours.

Using the right tool

If you follow all the habits above, I guarantee you’ll become more productive overnight!

If you really want to commit to it, then I’d really suggest checking out Hello Focus.

We built Hello Focus because we found most other tools were making our team less productive.

As an entrepreneur they say the best thing to do is to scratch your own itch, so we built it!

It is free to create an account, so there is no risk on your part!

Isabelle Daigle
Isabelle Daigle

Isabelle Daigle runs all content marketing for Hello Focus. She's an avid writer and loves long Netflix binge sessions!