When people talk about high-paying jobs, traditionally it’s doctors and lawyers that jump to mind. Those not in the medical and legal field will be pleased to know that is by no means the only way to a comfortable six-digit income. Even with the maturation of the tech world, some of the skills that have the highest hourly pay aren’t even based at a computer all day, although that’s one way. Here are six skills that pay enough to more than get by:

Helicopter Lineman – $60/hr
It’s not worth the time to climb up and down each power pole when installing a new line. So when it’s time to move from pole to pole, the fastest way is by hanging off of a helicopter. This is certainly a dangerous job, which explains the 60 dollars an hour they’re paid, plus benefits. The pilot has to carefully hold the helicopter within a certain area for as long as the lineman takes to complete the task. Not only is it hard to hover with a chopper, there’s no shortage of powerlines to avoid.

Mobile Developer – $75/hr
Chances are good you’re reading this on a mobile device — about 60 percent of users are. That’s why developing the right apps and experiences is such a hot field right now. It’s no trend either — mobile usage continues to increase, which means this high-paying skill is part of a growing field. There’s no degree necessary to work in this field where the average hourly compensation is about 75 dollars, but enough experience is definitely required.

Bomb disposal diver – $45/hr
The reason this job pays so well is pretty obvious — you’re diving the ocean floor looking for bombs, and then disarming them when found. So it’s not for everyone. In fact, it’s not for most people. But if you have the skills, which are pretty much only acquired through many years of military service, the nice paycheck which works out to about 45 dollars an hour can take a second seat to the adrenaline of the work.

Research and Development Engineer – $60/hr
This may not be quite as exciting as an underwater demolition squad, but it has to be close. R&D engineers are often working at the cutting edge of technology as they develop it. From careful research to using scientific techniques, these scientists are paid upwards of sixty dollars per hour to do things they might otherwise work on for free.

Commercial Pilot – $120/hr
This may not seem as obvious, and not all pilots are compensated the same, but the top 10 percent of commercial pilots are earning over 120 dollars per hour. The trade-off here is that they aren’t working the traditional 40 hours a week, so that hourly pay doesn’t always translate to one of the highest paid jobs in the traditional sense.

Tattoo Artist – $100/hr
If you have the skills and tools, this isn’t too difficult of a field to get into. It’s just that finding your first clients can be difficult. A well-liked tattoo artist can often earn over 100 dollars per hour of work. This falls into a similar vein of airline pilots, in that tattoo artists don’t usually work a full 40 hours every week. However, once a client base is built, it’s not uncommon for a popular artist to have a full schedule.

Isabelle Daigle
Isabelle Daigle

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