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Gantt Chart Software: Organize & Schedule Your Team Visually!

Great project management, starts with good visual scheduling. Use Gantt Charts to help organize the schedule and resources.

See how your next project can move from start to finish and how long it will take. Start using Hello Focus today and start tracking tasks, immediately.

What makes us different?

  • Today-100
    Automated Scheduling

    Once all of your tasks and team members are added into Hello Focus, the app will build a beautiful schedule automatically. It's all visualized through a Gantt Chart, so you can see everything on a beautiful timeline.

  • Time Span-100
    Finish on time.

    With our Gantt chart software, you can instantly see any areas that are behind schedule. This lets you know if you should tackle the task with more individuals.

  • Recurring Appointment-100
    Recurring Tasks

    Most Gantt charts are built to handle "one-off" tasks. With our application, we make it easy to add in recurring tasks so you can help visualize them during a projects timeline.

Gantt Chart Software

Gantt Chart Software

There is no better way to compare tasks and time than with Gantt chart software. It helps you keep all parts of a project moving forward on time and on budget. With Hello Focus, you can see how much progress has been made on specific areas, what resources are working on and any available resources that can speed things up. Most projects have roadblocks where one department is waiting for another to finish before they can get started. Using the project's Gantt chart, you can see problems beforehand and push solutions.

"90% of projects fail to accurately predict completion dates" - Harvard Business Review Don't become a statistic. Use Gantt Charts to help your organization take control.
  • Calendar-100
    Avoid scheduling mishaps

    Money can quickly be wasted when team members are uncertain of feature priorities. It can also waste time, so Gantt charts makes it possible to catch these errors by giving you a quick, visual interpretation of the data.

  • User Group-100
    Work With Others

    It might be nice to imagine that all of your project success or failure rests on internal resources, but that is rarely the case. Work with outside vendors, and keep them on task, all within the Hello Focus app.

  • Natural Food-100
    Less stress

    How many times during the day do you think, I need to get a task done, just to forget about it 10 minutes later. Our application forces you to get everything out of you head and often. This lets your mind relax, knowing your tasks are out of your head and in Hello Focus.


Teamwork and collaboration is in the core of our application. We've built insights that enable you to see what everyone is working on, what their roadmap of tasks look like and even get a history of tasks leading up to where they are.

Team work
  • Task Management
    Track completion

    With only 2.5 percent of companies finishing 100 percent of their projects, completion is a major issue. Hello Focus shows you and your team where to put your energy to get things done.

  • Outline-100
    Collaboration and convergence

    By taking vital project management out of your head and putting it into our app, you can quickly see everything you need. This helps prevent human error and makes it easier to line up replacements if resources change.

  • Search-100

    When a task is completed, it is archived and easily searchable in the future. You can always look back to find when it was completed, who worked on the task, and any attached documents or comments.

Saved us a bunch of time! Hello Focus is making our team more productive & engaged. DAVID KEEFE, FOUNDER OF UP MY GAME

What else do you get with Hello Focus?

  • Roadmaps

    With a roadmap in hand, you can see when it is time to hand off one part of the project to the next team, without waiting for confirmations and check-ins.

  • Task Management
    Task Management

    When managing a set of tasks toward a finished project, every part and piece is important. With Hello Focus, you can see the movement toward overall completion and the steps along the way that are in process.

  • Focused To-Do
    Focused To-Dos

    A general to-do list can quickly spiral out of hand with many projects and tasks. Some of which are not even important! With Hello Focus, we force you to prioritize and focus on a single task, allowing you to avoid getting side-tracked.

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