Anyone who has ever looked for project management software has most likely come across Jira, Asana and Trello.

But – are they the ones that many experts recommend?

I was curious to find out, so I decided to reach out to experts in a few different verticals to hear what they would recommend.

It varied quite a bit from vertical to vertical and the results were quite interesting.

Programmers definitely default to GitHub issues.  Expert project managers default to Microsoft Project.  Most in the startup space are 50/50 between Trello and Asana.

I even came across a few surprising outliers.  Jeff Atwood, @codinghorror, is using Discourse.  Even though Slack isn’t a project management tool, a number mentioned they are seeing it being used as one.

What project management software did they recommend?

Software Votes
Trello 5
Asana 5
Slack 3
GitHub Issues 3
Microsoft Project 2
Basecamp 2
Pivotal 1
Quip 1
Pen & Paper 1
Omni Focus 1 1
Primavera 1
Jira 1
Assembla 1


Om Malik Project Management Software @om
Om Malik, True Ventures
both are popular along side
msuster @msuster
Mark Suster, UpFront Ventures
i’ve personally enjoyed and of course we use
Renee DiResta Project Management Software @noupside
Renee DiResta, Prev: @OATV
lots of trello and asana but I’m not at OATV at present, on operational side now. I don’t love most task tools I’ve tried.


y3f1BvvV_bigger @tristanwalker
Tristan Walker, Founder of Walker & Co
9236f9d84c75e755a98de9d67f8d1460_bigger @dens
Dennis Crowley, Founder of FourSquare
Asana. cc
MiDNqbJa_bigger @rrhoover
Ryan Hoover, Founder of Product Hunt
trello and IRL/hangouts 🙂
zwuVttik_bigger @jordancooper
Jordan Cooper, Founder of Wildcard
6uc1fhBJ_bigger @racker_dave
Dave Post, Rackspace
Hi, Patrick! I’m on ‘s team. I can’t speak for Scoble, but we use Trello, and are trying Asana. We’ve used Basecamp.


zPKK7jql_bigger @codinghorror
Jeff Atwood, Founder of Stack Exchange
I Use
I_sH-zvU_bigger @shanselman
Scott Hanselman
* A few responses were retracted in the programmers section, but GitHub Issues was the dominant response by many.

Project Managers

LUo_b0tg_bigger @saphead4u
Ashfaque Ahmed
I used MS project extensively. It is good only for scheduling but not for accounting. use other tools for accounting
gtUEywy3_bigger @momsandmunchkin
Cheryl Kirkness
I’ve always preferred Primavera, . Requires a bit of training at first but worth it for all the features & scheduling tools.
SaLnGeYe_bigger @KuroshTweets
Kurosh Farhadi
I like Microsoft project and Jira. I don’t like Microsoft P as it isn’t as intuitive to changes needed on plans as is needed.
bWLoztnJ_bigger @authoreisaacs
Elizabeth Isaacs
I love Basecamp’s calendar/structure but I don’t like that you can’t work on Excel SS’s or Word docs like OneDrive.
J7c8hyOr_bigger @itsivana
Ivana Kingston
– I could go on for hours about this. Haven’t found anything that’s perfect. Have used a lot…. Currently on Assembla (1/2)
– the key is drag and drop, ease of inputting data and mindful notifications. A system should be responsive to many workflows
V1TkxS9-_bigger @BrigitteKobi
Brigitte Kobi
A very hard question. Most of them are too complicated in more ways than one.

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  • Awesome list. In my opinion ProofHub deserves to be in this list. I think you must check out this tool.

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