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Simple Task Management for Higher Completion Rates!

Task management allows you to stay on top of everything that is happening during your work hours.

Almost all organizations, 97 percent according to Price Waterhouse Coopers, believe that project and task management is critical to business success.

What makes us different?

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    Seeing macro and micro

    When managing a set of tasks for a project, every part and piece is important. With Hello Focus, you can see the movement towards overall completion of each task and the steps along the way that are in progress.

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    Avoid scheduling mishaps

    Money can quickly be wasted when team members are uncertain of feature priorities. It can also waste time, so Gantt charts makes it possible to catch these errors by giving you a quick, visual interpretation of the data.

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    Track completion

    With only 2.5 percent of companies finishing 100 percent of their projects, completion is a major issue. Hello Focus shows you where to put your energy to get things done.

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Task Management Software

Task management functions improve project management by streamlining some of the biggest pain points like accountability, consolidation, follow-up and organization. With Hello Focus each task can be assigned to a team member, making it clear who's responsible for what. Consolidation happens naturally, as completed work is uploaded and tagged. Hello Focus uses science driven organization to push work from inception to completion with as little resistance as possible.

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    The little things don't get lost with Hello Focus. When transferring a project from one department to another, it is normal for a document or two to be missing, but with Hello Focus, everything stays within the app reducing the risk of lost information.

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    Get organized

    Organization is not always an innate skill. Hello Focus takes chance out of the equation, providing you with a framework that organizes data, tasks and assignments with ease.

  • Roadmaps
    Follow-up quickly

    When things don't run as planned, Hello Focus can help with that, too. You can instantly see what tasks are running behind and follow-up with those in charge. This helps fix problems before they snowball.

Simple Task Management

Start using Hello Focus today to track all parts of a task, from inception to completion. See everything that is in motion, what's stalled and what's complete from a single dashboard.

Daily Team Activities
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    Focused Tasks

    A general task list can quickly spiral out of hand with many projects and tasks. Some of which are not even important! With Hello Focus, we force you to prioritize and focus on a single task, allowing you to avoid getting side-tracked.

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    Automate recurring tasks!

    You probably have hundreds of daily activities running across your internal to-do list... With Hello Focus you can take them out of your head and pop them right into the app. It handles the reminders and basic functions, so you can put your mental energy into more productive tasks.

  • Task Management
    Manage your tasks

    Simple, yet sophisticated task management software uses data science to find ways to make you more productive and check off more of your daily tasks. By using the app, you generate tasks and share them with the team, putting the right task in front of the right person for the job.

Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before. Franz Kafka
Get more done.

Backup Plan

By getting vital tasks out of your head and into our app, you can quickly see everything you need. This helps prevent human error and makes it easier to line up replacements if a specific employee becomes unavailable.

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    Stay on schedule

    By breaking tasks down by hour, day, week or month, you can keep a clear, running tab on your workload. This allows our app to account for personal appointments or simultaneous tasks that are unrelated that may interfere with project goals.

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    File Sharing

    Not everything can be explained with text. That's why we let members attach files to any message or task. This makes it easy to share those initial mockups of the app with your boss to get feedback.

  • Multiple Devices-100

    Smartphones and tablets are some of the best technology that has emerged out of the past 10 years. With Hello Focus everything you need to get done is always available in a central app.

Saved us a bunch of time! Hello Focus is making our team more productive & engaged. DAVID KEEFE, FOUNDER OF UP MY GAME

What else do you get with Hello Focus?

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    Gantt Charts

    Very similar to our roadmaps, our Gantt Chart software helps your plan out your projects, resources and timing. Get more done with visual insight and target tasks and teams where oversight is needed.

  • Roadmaps
    Project Management

    With Hello Focus you can turn a large, interconnected project into smaller, more manageable tasks. This helps identify slowdowns early, keeps projects aligned with business goals, and improves completion rates, making your workflow more efficient overall.

  • Focused To-Do
    Focused To-Dos

    A general to-do list can quickly spiral out of hand with many projects and tasks. Some of which are not even important! With Hello Focus, we force you to prioritize and focus on a single task, allowing you to avoid getting side-tracked.

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