To-Do List Templates

Having a proper to-do list is very important if you want to be organized and have a great day. But many times this can be a true challenge because if you don’t have the proper template to base your schedule on. This is where the this list of to-do templates comes in handy, because it makes the entire process simpler and faster by providing you with a comprehensive list of templates.

Here you can find a great list of to-do list templates that you can print at any given time. This site does a great job in providing a whole bunch of templates to choose from, and it all comes down to you to choose the best possible one that will suit your needs.

TidyForms includes a multitude of to-do list template files that you can opt-in for. One thing is certain, the to-do list templates you can download here are varied and thus you won’t have a problem finding what you seek!

A great template for Libre Office, this particular one is a small download but it’s very good since it does offer all the necessary tools that any user would like. It is simple yet customizable, so if you use Libre Office this template is a must download.

These templates are very simple, but on the other hand they offer exactly what you want, which is precision. They are easy to download, free and quite varied, so you are bound to find a model you like.

You can find two templates on this site, but both of them are quite basic. They might not be suitable for business use, but they do a great job for personal use and that’s what matters the most. You should try and give them a shot regardless, as they can bring quite a lot of value.

To-do templates can definitely help you save time, but in most cases they are severely limited.  It’s usually challenging to share your to-dos with colleagues, see historical data or even applying data science to help you get more done.  You may find a template that will work will for you in the list above, but you may want to look for online software.

Skip the to-do list template!

At Hello Focus we are building amazing to-do list software to make managing your tasks easier.  If you feel that a to-do list template won’t meet your needs, why not try out our software?