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To-Do Lists Made Better!

Imagine your To-Do List integrated with project management and Gantt Charts built-in.

Hello Focus creates to-do lists that keep your team members focused on their tasks. Try using our app to see how our new approach for to-do lists can skyrocket your productivity.

What makes us different?

  • Do Not Disturb-100
    Organized and intuitive

    See what you need to do and in what order with an easy-to-use to-do list. This helps block out the noise and distractions around you, so you can stay on task.

  • Flow Chart-100
    Focused To-Dos

    A general to-do list can quickly spiral out of hand with many projects and tasks. Some of which are not even important! With Hello Focus, we force you to prioritize and focus on a single task, allowing you to avoid getting side-tracked.

  • Task Management
    Stay on schedule

    By using to-do lists broken down by hour, day, week or month, you can keep a clear, running tab on your workload. This also allows you account for personal appointments or simultaneous tasks that are unrelated that may interfere with project goals.

To-Do Lists

A real-time to-do list lets you see what is waiting for each day and tackle tasks, one after another. You stay on task, helping projects move forward on time. Avoid being the hold-up by breaking work down into manageable pieces and adjusting your to-do list as needed. This keeps everyone up to date on where you are and scheduling adjustments.

Focus View
  • Past-100
    Track schedule changes

    When you miss a to-do item, it can move forward automatically, adjusting the hours needed on a daily basis. This tells you when you might need to put in a few extra hours and how you might need to re-work your schedule to meet project deadlines.

  • Natural Food-100
    Less stress

    How many times during the day do you think, I need to get a task done, just to forget about it 10 minutes later. Our application forces you to get everything out of you head and often. This lets your mind relax, knowing your tasks are out of your head and in Hello Focus.

  • Search-100

    When a task is completed, it is archived and easily searchable in the future. You can always look back to find when it was completed, who worked on the task, and any attached documents or comments.

41 percent of to-do items are never finished. Hello Focus has built in feature to bring up to-do items and force you to prioritize. Getting more done!

  • Focused To-Do

    Face it, we all have a million things to do. We don't need more reminders, more things poking us to get a certain task done. Our application is designed for focus. We have you focus on one task at a time and make sure you do something with it now: get it done, delegate it, or break it down.

  • Outline-100
    Track changes

    For both the individual using the to-do list and the project manager overseeing all completed tasks, a simple function like being able to track changes in status to to-do items can make a big difference. This allows the project manager to instantly push work on to the next part of the project as it is completed.

  • Recurring Appointment-100
    Recurring Tasks

    We all have tasks that need to happen on a recurring basis. Water the plants, pick up the mail, file the taxes are just some of the examples. Science has shown getting those tasks out of your head and into our app, reduces the amount of energy and time you spend thinking on them which further reduces your stress levels.

Each minute is a little thing, and yet, with respect to our personal productivity, to manage the minute is the secret of success. Joseph B. Wirthlin

Simple Task Management

Start using Hello Focus today to track all parts of a task, from inception to completion. See everything that is in motion, what's stalled and what's complete from a single dashboard.

Daily Team Activities
  • Add File-100
    File Sharing

    Not everything can be explained with text. That's why we let members attach files to any message or task. This makes it easy to share those initial mockups of the app with your boss to get feedback.

  • Multiple Devices-100

    Smartphones and tablets are some of the best technology that has emerged out of the past 10 years. With Hello Focus everything you need to get done is always available in a central app.

  • Chat-100
    Follow-up quickly

    When things don't run as planned, Hello Focus can help with that too. You can instantly see what tasks are running behind and follow-up with those in charge. This helps fix problems before they snowball.

Saved us a bunch of time! Hello Focus is making our team more productive & engaged. DAVID KEEFE, FOUNDER OF UP MY GAME

What else do you get with Hello Focus?

  • Roadmaps

    When you know exactly what needs to happen and when, you are much better positioned to shepherd a project from start to finish. Resource allocation, employee management, task assignments and more go into making a complete project map. It offers a comprehensive look at everything that goes into a finished project.

  • Task Management
    Task Management

    When managing a set of tasks toward a finished project, every part and piece is important. With Hello Focus, you can see the movement toward overall completion and the steps along the way that are in process.

  • Outline-100
    Project Management

    With Hello Focus you can turn a large, interconnected project into smaller, more manageable pieces. This helps identify slowdowns early, keeps projects aligned with business goals, and improves completion rates, making your workflow more efficient overall.

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